This is my third article on Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), Here are the prior ones. Hopefully this one will be better.

The parts of MMT which are common sense, I claim to understand. That inflation is a limit to our Federal spending, I am fully on board with. It is…

Taking a break from my history reading, I wish to once again wear the hat of the armchair macroeconomist.

This will dive deeper into thoughts that originate from a Hacker News comment thread.

In these discussions, arguments jostle between two extremes — outlandish claims, and not-even-wrong claims. I have been…

This a futurology piece, the study of the future.

I will return to my theme here that most predictions are worthless. However, in the case of General Artificial Intelligence, and its corollary Superintelligence, the public discussion has large blindspots in this subject matter, in spite of a handful of very…

This post expands on the space-elevator-alternative launch system that uses an orbital electromagnetic track to catch a suborbital payload. A major shortcoming of the idea is the lack of an obvious momentum source for the track to regain the momentum it loses when picking up its payload.

For a while…


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