Black Hole Spaghetti Mega-Habitat

There could be several reasons that the structure might ultimately be a ring. It’s the largest construction that you can make for which the entire thing is uniformly co-orbiting. Let’s imagine that they wanted to maximize 1g habitability. It seems that they could have a dense cloud of rings, all of which provide a full 1g on the BH-facing and reverse-facing inner surfaces. I haven’t thought about this much, but it could provide astronomically greater habitat area than other designs, assuming you want 1g and minimal Coriolis forces.

Basic Bounding Mathematics
Range where we can put a habitat, in terms of M and r
Small zoom, this shows the neighborhood of the smallest black holes this would be viable for, which starts in the neighborhood of 1.5 x 10²⁸ kilograms. Smaller than that, and the habitat will have a substantial size relative to the event horizon’s size, and that’s anathema to this concept.
You can see that the lower-radius bound is coming from a different constrain now, and this is the event horizon itself, which grows linearly with the mass of the black hole. In actuality, 1e39 is around the size of the largest black hole ever discovered.

dangerous, expensive, pointless. I was trying to say, sure it’s all those things if it’s your 2nd circumstellar ring — probably not if it’s your 1000th.

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